The way of Shugenja

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On the 27th of September 2009, Bujinkan Macedonia members will hold the traditional spiritual journey in nature called The way of Shugenja. This year, for the first time, our students had an opportunity to choose one of the four suggested routes, they chose the route from the base of Lipac to Kokino. The total distance we will cross during the shugenjo’s way is unknown, which of course, contributes for more enjoyment, but also more alertness and carefulness. We will visit the passing churches and monasteries, as well as the rest of the passing holly places, where through meditation and prayer we will refill our lost energy. We will use only old topographic maps and compass as helpful tools.
Shugenjo is an ancient Japanese method of exploring the relations between man and nature. Literally translated, Shugenjo means “Way of training andShugendo_Lipac.jpg testing”, in other words it is an ascetic discipline which has a goal to achieve self-improvement through living in mountain, meditating under cold river waterfalls, breading exercises in remote unreachable terrains, until reaching unbelievable feats through testing of one’s body and mind’s endurance. Those practicing this method are known by the name Shugenja, and the teaching is practiced in Japan to this day.
The founder of this teaching is considered to be En no Gyoja who lived near Kyoto in the 7th century A.D. Another name, by which the followers of this teaching were known, is Yamabushi or Mountain Warriors. They roamed the mountain tops of the Japanese islands, visiting and protecting the many temples.
These people, together with the deserting Chinese generals after the fall of the Tang dynasty, are considered to be the founders of the art of Ninjutsu.

Subject: Shugenjo’s Way / Spiritual journey

Day: September the 27th 2009 (Sunday)

Place: Lipac – Kokino

07:00 hours – leaving from Skopje
08:00 hours – arriving and starting the march
??.?? – going back

Equipment: Take everything you have, the heavier the better (and safer).

P.S. There is a possibility of encountering wild animals, rain and bad weather conditions, as well as other unforeseeable things.
*Before you enroll search our web-site for some information about the seminar from previous years.