Instead of Sui Ren, a perfect Yumi Ya Jutsu seminar held

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rains and a high water level of Kriva Reka in past few days were the
reasons why the subject Sui Ren was replaced with Yumi Ya Jutsu (a
skill for using an arrow and a bow).
every other year, sensei Dovezenski has at first introduced the
students a history and the usage of this weapon, and then he has
demonstrated the way of making the one. Since the students have
comprehended the skill of making an arrow and a bow, with short but a
strong marsh, they all directed towards the place called Krshche, in
the surroundings of Elenachki Kladenec. Here, the basic training for
hitting a target with different kamae (positions of the body) begun.Samostrel.jpg
Besides the technical details and characteristics of Yumi Ya Jutsu, the
students were, as well, introduced with the philosophy and strategy
needed for a successful understanding of this skill.
last part of the seminar was dedicated to practice with a crossbow
weapon. As always, the students had an opportunity to enrich and
complete their knowledge by repeating the old techniques, but learning
new ones as well, which will make them think for a long time about this
ancient martial art.