Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu seminar with Erik Louw Sensei

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Organized by Katori Shinto ryu Macedonia, and backed by the Organization dedicated to the study of classical Japanese martial arts „Taiyou e no Michi“, tomorrow evening our mentor for Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu – Erik Louw is travelling to Macedonia from the Netherlands. In the next couple of days he will be teaching a seminar for the oldest documented Japanese martial tradition, and several members of our dojo are going to participate this event.

Furthermore, this is the third visit of our country by the teacher Louw, who is one of the rare carriers of the title Menkyo for Katori Shinto ryu.
At the seminar we will be training sword-drawing techniques from a sitting (iaijutsu) and standing (battojutsu) position, as well as techniques for staff combat (bojutsu) and halberd (naginatajutsu).
All interested can contact us on our e-mail: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com

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