„Strenght of Yari VII“ held

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The seminar that draws a great interest from the members of Bujinkan Macedonia, once again justified the epithet „legendary“. Once again the place „Slepo Kolo“ on the hill Orljak was echoing from the powerful screams of our warriors that were practicing with pleasure the techniques of spear combat.

During the previous day, at the event, the weather conditions were constantly changing, so in the same day we experienced the March sun, the dark clouds that were lingering above the mystical mountain Lipac, the brief icy rain, and the strong wind that kept lowering our body temperature. As always, that wasn’t enough to shake our self-esteem and desire for an intense and hard training with the Yari (spear).

After the end of the seminar, the warriors of Bujikan Macedonia immediately shared their impressions on our Forum, so we transfer a small section of them:
– „A wonderful weekend! Definitely! I like that we were similar in numbers – beginner and advanced students. „Slepo Kolo“ is a wonderful place. You can see Elenac from there and the mystical mountain Lipac. It’s a ‘million dollar view’. And while we’re at the event, I would like to quote shidoshi ho Marko, what he said a couple of years ago: ‘Such a force that could keep me from participating the seminar for a spear does not exist’. The weather was constantly changing, and as our warrior’s perspective should always be positive, it was great to learn how to fight in windy, rainy, sunny conditions etc. I participated this event for three years now. And every following time my love and interest for this weapon grows. I would like to congratulate the youngest students from the ‘Ninja Kids’ section. Kosara not even for a moment showed a hint of boredom or complained about the cold. A child with a warrior spirit. Davorche and David were good too. They both managed well. Sensei gave me the task to watch over them, so they were fed, changed, dry etc. I was strict with them at times and I would like their forgiveness for that. I did that out of care for their well-being and safety. We have a great youth. Kudos to Sashe from the beginner group. He went to the winter training, then to ‘Haragei’, and now to this seminar. Just keep attending the training sessions and seminars. Kudos to Tamara and Mila, as well as the one and only – Damjan. He is an example where hard work trumps talent. I think that he was going to start crying when Sensei gifted his hand-made shuriken. The appraisals of the teacher hold great value in our dojo. Just keep going forward. А great thanks to Sensei and his family for everything. I’m constantly looking for a way to show my gratitude, because words cannot express that. And the sleeping in Hombu is unbeievable. When I woke up on the Sunday, I felt a burden on my soul from the previous day. My body wouldn’t function, everything was put to a stop. But when I got out of my sleeping bag I was reborn. I was full of life, with positive energy and I felt great. That’s why the sleeping in Hombu is so wonderful and so magical“. – Taki Gakovski
– „Honestly, I don’t know what to say. And that doesn’t happen to me a lot. I’m still sitting here with my jaw dropped. During this seminar I lived through the best hours of my life. The documentary that we watched in the dojo, the jokes, the announced events that will soon arrive…
Hombu is an incredible place to spend the night. My back was hurting for a month from an injury from a bad fall, but after one night on the tatami – my back is like new again. The spear is an amazing weapon for its simplicity and adaptability. It enables you to play with your opponents mind, and that is always the best tactic. I must thank all kohai, sempai, shidoshi ho, shoshinsha and Sensei that are still not giving up on me – ‘slightly hit on the head as a child’. I don’t know from where they’re getting their patience because I definitely don’t have it. When we returned from the seminar to the Hombu Dojo, Kosara came and told me that Sensei called for me. I expected that I made some mistake, as usual, so maybe he needs me for a new mobile shuriken target. What Sensei said to me then I will not repeat because I can’t, but I remained with my jaw dropped. The shuriken that I got as a gift I will keep, and I will express my gratitude toward Sensei by improving myself. For the next year I would like him to gift me a katana, so starting tomorrow I will clean his house, maybe clean his jeep spotless :))). Thanks to kohai Taki for his kind words and I hope one day to achieve his level. And if I go too far with my jokes sometimes, I deeply apologize. You are free to ‘hit me unconscious’, and when I wake up I promise to be real quiet. I hope that I will be in Bujinkan Macedonia for many years to come. And to participate on a thousand more seminars, but this one I will never forget“. – Damjan Serafimovski
– „When it comes to sharing impressions from a seminar, it’s hard for me. It is hard because when you’re there, in the Hombu Dojo, and you steal from the village’s beauties, everything’s different – better. I never feel the same as when I am there. That’s because the feeling is unique and indescribable. This weekend is going to be remembered by three incredible things. Firstly, by the shuriken seminar. It is amazing when you touch that metal in various forms capable of killing. When you listen to that ‘music’ that it makes when it spears the air… that’s amazing. Although my hand gave up during the throws, I was still enjoying watching my fellow warriors skillfully digging the shuriken in the targets. We couldn’t wait for the nidan testing, which came right after, for our one and only shidoshi ho Marko, who did a fine job. I must confess, even though I was trying to keep myself in order, after the first applause my tears came rolling down as the river Zhivusha. My heart was full. I might know him for a short while, but believe me, it’s a pleasure and an honor to know such a man, who leaves his heart and soul in the dojo every Tuesday and Thursday. Once more I congratulate and I wish him a chain of successes in his future and an even greater walk along the Path to the Sun (Taiyou e no Michi). The night featured an interesting documentary, and right after that shidoshi ho Zoki honored us with his humorous jokes – as a good night. I claim that sleeping there on the tatami is the best sleep I’ve ever had, but this time it was even better. The morning we were all ready with the spears in our hands rushing to „Slepo Kolo“. Although we felt all four seasons of the year, we kept the same warrior spirit while practicing the techniques non-stop. The spear is an interesting weapon that can be used to manipulate your opponent, and we were manipulating the time as well. And the best of all moments is the shared meal with the ‘Bujinkan Macedonia’ family. Even if you were eating a plain bread paired with salt, you would have had the best time because the atmosphere makes everything seem magical.
To get to the point, I would like to thank Sensei, who made this spiritual beauty and his knowledge available to us. Also, shidoshi ho Marko and shidoshi ho Zoki that always help us. I really feel happy being a part of this family. Love to everybody“. – Tamara Gjorgievska