Chigiriki seminar held in the Hombu Dojo of Bujinkan Macedonia

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The past weekend in the Hombu Dojo in the Organization „Taiyou e no Michi“ we organized a seminar about Chigiriki. For those that might not know, this exotic Japanese weapon is consisted of a staff or a metal bar that has a chain with a weight attached to it.
In addition, the instructor Dovezenski organized the last seminar for Chigiriki in the distant 2006, so this was refreshing for the members of Bujinkan Macedonia. We trained the postures of the body on this seminar, as well as nine techniques that were used to battle an armed opponent with a sword.

At the end of the seminar, kohai Vladimir Antovski wrote a text on the Forum of Bujinkan Macedonia, where he shared his impressions of the weekend:

„On Friday, at 16:00 o’clock at last we organized and asked Sensei to teach the seminar. I know that he invested so much and we left him so little time to prepare.
Eve seminar in the Hombu Dojo is a story unto itself, and those who’ve been know exactly why. Chigiriki is a specific and an exotic weapon. The training with it is fun, but dangerous at the same time. It is a weapon meant for an armed opponent with a sword. Sensei, as always, is really well acquainted with the weapons, and started explaining the history of Chigiriki, how it was used, and why it was so effective against a sword. He also explained which schools teach it and where it comes from. The training sessions were game-like. You play with the opponent on several levels. You play on psychological level, with the distance between yourself and the opponent, and with his life.
I would like to mention the Nedelkovski brothers, who showed a great interest this month in what we learn. Although they are both beginners, they are very active regarding the seminars in the Hombu. In my opinion everyone from their group should take their example and be more active. I don’t know if our members are aware of what they’re missing when they don’t participate in the seminars in the Hombu. It is one big treasure of knowledge that Sensei possesses and shares it without holding back with anyone who comes there. It is a pity not to be used. That’s something that remains your whole life, and to the opposite, the nights out in the city or going to picnics or barbecues won’t enrich your spirit. Besides, the seminars in Hombu you get closer to those who train with you, you become better friends and you enjoy the beautiful nature and surroundings that is amazing in any time of the year. Think well what you really want to train and what you want to learn.“