Ninja Kids conquered the Hombu Dojo

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Instead of a classic report about the visit of the Hombu Dojo by the Ninja Kids of Bujinkan Macedonia, we will publish the text of kohai Sanja Simonova, that she wrote on our Forum:

„Trust me that the feelings of that day will never fade or be forgotten. I can believe the kids when they told me that that was the best day in their childhood, because it was my best day in my adulthood.“

Everybody was at the meeting place right on time. They probably had no sleep last night. For the whole length of the road, we felt incredibly positive energy and children’s enthusiasm – they couldn’t wait to get there faster.
When we arrived, after a short break, Taki took them on a stroll through the yard and recounted the history of Taiyo u e no Michi. I was susrprised by the energy, knowledge and attention he paid to the kids. I think that he know each centimeter of the dojo, knowing exactly when and what to show, by which he had the full attention of the kids.
While we were inside, he told them about the weapons, pictures and everything else you can see inside, all of it magical – I had the feeling that I was watching a documentary for children.
You can’t teach without being taught at the same time. I slowly begin to understand hwo to work with so many kids on that age and it’s a particularly important process for us.
There was some real fun going on in the dining area. Sipping from the stew, chewing beans, taking photos. One kids asking for a refill, another saying „This is the best tomato I’ve had in my life!“ … The free time, we used for walks around the village, getting to know the great outdoors and the animal life.
I overheard them talking – ‘Are we leaving for Skopje today?’, and another kid replying ‘Yes’, to which the first one replies ‘Nah, I’m sleeping here.’
It was a beautiful sunny day, filled with love and joy, a day in which a huge dream came true for a lot of kids, and I am incredibly glad for being a part of it. I am grateful to Sensei and Taki, because I was able to take a spin at the ‘merry-go-round’ in that wonderful world thanks to them.
Let them grow happy and let the Ninja Kids section grow with them – we are here to support them in full on the Path. If you find the Path, you can’t stray from it.