International Summer Koryu Camp VII held

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The seventh in a row Summer Ninja Camp that was known as the International Koryu Camp this year – ended successfully . The renaming was justified if we consider that apart from the guest-teacher from Russia, Sergej Babkin, we also had a participant from Poland. 
The nine day event that is considered to be the most intensive and the most important in Bujinkan Macedonia, in the words of the participants,  this year was flawlessly organized. The training sessions were divided between the instructors Igor Dovezenski and Sergey Babkin, so the days were filled with activities from dawn till dusk.
Every day started with a morning jog and a body strech, and after the breakfast the participants studied the secrets of combat with a long staff (Bojutsu) of the art Kukamishin ryu. The instructor Sergej Babkin was in charge of that, who also held training sessions every day on how to rehabilitate the body through special ways of streching the muscles (Junan Taiso). 
Shidoshi Igor Dovezenski taught the art of combat using your body, Shinden Fudo ryu Jutaijutsu, and was rensponsible for the participants’ stamina or strenghtening the muscles of the body through special excercises (Junan Undo). Beside that, the instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia didn’t neglect the „Night Ninja Training“, that every year make this event so tempting and famous.
As for the company, as every year was on the highest level possible. The nine-day socialization creates incredible deep relations between the members of our dojo, that become a foundation for even greater collaboration in the following period.
Regarding the food, the organizers got the highest grades this year too. Natural and freshly gathered directly from the garden in front of the Hombu Dojo. Carrefully picked and served to refill all lost nutrients in the body, and and the same time to give strength for the hard and demanding training.
At the end we have the impressions of the participants to share that point out every year the legendary Camps of Bujinkan Macedonia are not only a synonim for a hard and demanding summer training, but are used more as a guide to other clubs in Europe on how to organize an event with a similar format. We will continue to raise the standard of Bujinkan worldwide, and of course will increase the quality of our Summer Camps. 
The next International Summer Koryu Camp VIII is going to be held on the same date (04-12 August, 2016), and again beside the instructor Igor Dovezenski another teacher renown worldwide will be invited, because we strive to invite different instructors every year with the purpose to enter deeper in the secrets of the traditional Japanese martial arts.
Till the next year…