Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu seminar with Sensei Erik in Greece

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The past weekend, instructor Igor Dovezenski and his student Monika Sh., participated at the international seminar for Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu, that was held in Athens – Republic of Greece. On this event, besides the host and the representatives of our country, the members of Katori Shinto ryu Holland took part too.
This seminar was led by Erik Louw, shidosha from Amsterdam, and mentor to our branch in Macedonia, and teacher for this art to Igor Dovezenski.

During the traning in Friday, sensei Erik taught kata from Omote no Tachi, where he pointed out several details regarding the presentation and movement of the legs. In Saturday, a greater attention was drawn to the performance of drawing the sword in standing position (Tachi ai Battojutsu), and in Sunday we mostly practiced the kata from Omote no Iai.
The last two days, Sensei Erik transmitted the first two kata from Omote no Bo to Igor Dovezenski, and with that another „door opened“ for the Macedonian branch for Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu.

Of course, the little free time that we had, we used for walks in Athens and visits to several cultural and historical monuments in the city.
The next get-together with Sensei Erik will be in May, when the teacher is organizing an international seminar in Macedonia, naturally in organization of Katori Shinto ryu Macedonia.