Summer Ninja Camp VI

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The countdown begun. In five days starts the sixth in a row Summer Ninja Camp organized by the dojo for classical Japanese martial arts – Bujinkan Macedonia.

As every year, the camp is being held for the period from 4th to 12th August, in the hombu dojo of the organization Taiyou e no Michi, and is located in the valley under the mountain Lipac. 

While some of our members use August as the only month for rest from the demanding training, others give priority to the Summer Ninja Camp of Bujinkan Macedonia. So, the training continues with even greater speed, „enforced“ with unbelievably good fun and socializing.

This event is open for all, regardless of the style or the degree in any martial art. This is a chance to get acquainted with our work closely and to get to know the members of Bujinkan Macedonia. 

Several days remain for applying. 

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