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Dear friends,
I want to inform you that nine days ago I experienced an accident that
injured my spine and my pelvis. After a seven day treatment, I can say that I
feel better and the worst has passed.
I got the injury in a fall off a cliff during a free climbing
on the hill “Elenachki Rocks”.
Free climbing is something that, in the last few months, I
do regularly as part of maintaining my physical and mental stamina which is needed to
progress in martial arts. As you know, I am of those who believe that every
warrior should have great strength and fitness if he wants to be successful.

The prognosis of the doctors was that my injury will leave
lasting consequences over the years and may progress to degree of disability.
Only one of them gave me a small ray of hope because he said that with certain
exercises that process is possible to stop or slow down.

I believe that many of you will ask themselves if I needed
something like this. Currently, I am a little disappointed, but not from anything else,
but from my desire to go rock climbing without any protection.
What I know for sure is that I never regretted what I did because of my
great passion – martial arts. It may sound stupid, but I have no regrets about
it. I have been doing what I have always believed and what I have enjoyed.

I want to inform you that I have no intention to respect
the ban of the doctors to stop any kind of physical activity. I told them that I
would remain disabled (spiritually) if I stopped exercising.

After three trainings missed during the week, tomorrow I will come in
the dojo for training. Although I will wear metal bars clamp around the waist and many
of my movements will be restricted, I will continue with regular tutoring
and training as if nothing’s happened.

I might no longer be the “old” Sensei who will
do somersaults around, but I give you my word that I will do my best my handicap to be unnoticed.

Finally, I want to inform all of my mentors and friends from
Bujinkan, all friends from Jinenkan, all collaborators from other koryu
organizations, as well as my teacher of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Ono Ha Itto
Ryu Kenjutsu, that I remain dedicated to martial arts.
All scheduled seminars and meetings will be held in the agreed

For those who plan in the future to enroll in our dojo, we encourage them to do that. Free rock
climbing is not part of our regular training, but is purely my private initiative. As for the training in our dojo, it
remains hellishly difficult as always.

I remain to ask you not to
call me or to express sympathy in any way. I’m not a man who wants or
requires compassion.
Moreover, I don’t have time to talk on the phone or answer your emails. I
have many friends and should spend all night on it. So, please enjoy
your day as if
nothing had happened.

Sincerely yours,
Igor Dovezenski Shidoshi
Dojo Cho
Bujinkan Macedonia
Daito Ryu Macedonia (Koryu Dojo)