Our summer ninja camp 2011 has finished

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The third Summer Ninja Camp ended in a manner one can expect when there are so many good and honest students in one place, who with each passing year advance in all fields in their lives.

The nine days passed in an unforgettable atmosphere, the training sessions were hard and the capacity for this camp was completely filled in April – two weeks after the announcement was made.

We started practicing at 08.00 with Junan Taiso, and continued after the breakfast in 09.30 with Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu. Afterwards we had a Junan Undo and Atemi no Tanren training, after which the warriors of Bujinkan Macedonia set off for swim in the river, to relax the muscles and `heal` the wounds and bruises in the fresh water.
The fourth training session was dedicated to Togakure Ryu Bikenjutsu which was a real pleasure for all the students. The late hours of the night were used for night ninja trainings and watching old Japanese samurai movies.

The food was prepared in a traditional Macedonian manner as usual, by using mostly fresh and ecological products from our own produce, and the menu was filled with local specialties and varieties.

All students left satisfied and happy for a great and active summer vacation, and most of them immediately reserved spots for the next Summer Ninja Camp 2012. All of them saw that this camp is one of the best ways for quality advancement, detailed learning and study of the kata and techniques of the traditional Japanese martial schools.