Seminar with Steffen Frohlich in Macedonia

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07072010112407web.jpgThe school for classical japanese martial arts,
Bujinkan Macedonia
and the Ninjutsu club Bujinkan Kavadarci, are ogranizing a friendly seminar
with the german shihan Steffen Frohlich.

Theme: Takagiyoshin Ryu

Date: 23/24.10.2010

Place: Sport centre Yasmin – Kavadarci

This is the first Tai Kai organized in Kavadarci, with
one of the first German shihan and students of soke Masaaki Hatsumi.

Steffen Frohlich is a very good friend of the
instructor of Bujinkan Macedonia,
Igor Dovezenski.

He loves our country and is a fan of the Macedonian
culture and tradition. A master with a big heart, who would use this trip to Macedonia to
fill himself with positive energy in our renowned ancient holy places. As
always, he comes for a whole 5 day practice and fun.

Price: only 20 euros, for a shihan who is respected by the entire Bujinkan.

anyone do better than us?