Interview with shidoshi Igor Dovezenski for “Nova Makedonija”

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– What are the benefits of knowing and practicing
martial arts?

First, the main benefit is to discover yourself
and your possibilities. This is the starting point. After we see all our
disadvantages, our next goal will be to improve ourselves. Martial arts are
more than just a combat. They offer philosophy of life that we use to fight
with our inner self. From the moment that we obtain victory over our ego, we
can be sure that we are going to be the winners in every fight. Physical defeat
does not imply defeat of the spirit – an unbreakable spirit is what the members
of our dojo tend to achieve.

– What is the type of people that these martial
arts are meant for, and can everyone be a ninja?

Of course not! This is a short and precise
answer. And why not? Because the ninja do not exist anymore. 🙂

The time of the ninja and samurai is long gone.
Today with the existence of legislature, no one can take the justice in their
hands or use weapons to fight injustice. The serious answer would be: everyone
can practice ninjutsu, but no one can become a ninja. We practice the
traditional martial arts with a goal to perfect ourselves in every field in our
lives. To become better people. To raise our moral values and help our homeland
the best we can if that is asked of us.

– How much the people in our country are
acquainted with these martial arts? (Or only from the movies we watch with
Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, The American Ninja,…)

This question isn’t a serious one and I will not
answer it. Asking a serious expert for martial arts such a question is the same
as to ask а historian: „Did they use firearms in the Hobbit age?“

– Do you teach what we see in the movies?


Not at all. What you see in the movies are
unfilled childhood fantasies of the directors and screenwriters. The training
is a serious process in which you invest a lot, and gain a little. But we are
happy with that „little“ too.

– What do you expect from these classes?


I do not expect nothing. Those who visit them
should be the ones who expect something.

– How pleased you are from your students


I am never satisfied with my performances. That
attribute of mine is always there when I evaluate my students. They can always
do better.

How old is your youngest „ninja“, and how old is the oldest in your


The youngest member is 5 years old, and the
oldest 48.

– Are children interested? And what motivates
them when they come to train?


Interest shown by children is lower. We practice
classical martial arts which were used for surviving the turbulent times from
the Japanese history. Although we try to present the training as a game, the
kids feel the need for frequent changes during the development process. It is
completely normal. Most of our members are adolescents and mature individuals
who search something more in life.