A great seminar with sensei Sveneric Bogsater

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19042010031509sveneric.jpgWith lots of laughter and positive energy, in the spirit of Rokkon Shojo, this weekend we practiced in our dojo under the guidance of the great ninjutsu master Sveneric Bogsater. His performance and teaching were enjoyed by 40 attendants from Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis), Montenegro (Budva) and Macedonia (Skopje and Kavadarci).

The first day, we began training with a Tachi (battlefield sword), which was followed by Taijutsu techniques. His performance of the Kihon Happo techniques was impressive – he managed to tie all eight into a single kata. Afterwards, we practiced kunai techniques, an old japanese weapon, which when in Sveneric’s hands, acts like an extension of his arm.

The second day, we practiced techniques which were always a favorite in our dojo. Defense against knife. Here also, the students had a chance to see Sveneric’s quality.
After that, we moved on to hanbo techniques, which we also enjoyed.
Once again, I thank all our friends which came from abroad to study with us.
I am also thankful to the students of Bujinkan Macedonia for their support and help organizing this seminar. As always, you were amazing in every way possible.
In the end, a great thanks to sensei Sveneric, for the honor and trust he gave us and for again sharing his knowledge and experience, and mostly for the oral transmission (kuden) which I will never forget, especially in the moments which we spent on the Vodno mountain at the courtyard of the monastery of st. Panteleimon.

All the best until the next seminar.