Participation in the seminar in Budva with Steffen Fröhlich

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Bujinkan Macedonia’s instructor, Igor Dovezenski participated in a seminar in Budva, led by the shihan Steffen Fröhlich from Germany.

The theme of the seminar was Saino Kon Ki and the great master tried to explain it’s meaning through techniques and kata from Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu and Koto Ryu Koppojutsu. We trained in the open. On the first day, the weather was great, while the second was followed by windy weather and heavy rains. All of this contributed to better understanding of the ninjutsu teachings, as well as the nature of the elements water (sui) and fire (ka).

During the training, the shihan often asked Dovezenski to demonstrate kata and techniques from Gyokko and
Koto Ryu, which  13102009015011Stefen_budva_2.jpgwas a great honor and show of trust. Master Fröhlich invited the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia to a mutual visit of the Hombu Dojo in Japan, where Dovezenski is going to take the godan (5th dan) test, which of course tells a lot about the mutual trust and respect between them. It was also discussed about the mutual plans in 2010 and the shihan stated his support for the work of Bujinkan Macedonia and emphasised that we can always count on his help of any kind.

Three days passed quick and in constant company of master Steffen Fröhlich and his student Steffen Shultz, one of Germany’s most promising young masters. It was discussed about their five day stay in Macedonia (2008), during which we evoked the nice mutual moments and memories from our country.

As usual, the organiser of the seminar in Budva, put some great effort for everything to go in orderly fashion. Congratulations.  

In the end, it remains to thank the great master Fröhlich and hid student Shultz, for the great time with them and for their always inspirational teaching of the art.