Six of us survived

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We have successfully finished another survival seminar. Six of us survived.
the first day, the temperature rose above the 40th degree. Those that
took the advice of the instructor about the way they should use their
allowed 1.5 liters of water, showed that they have the biggest chances
to survive in nature.

The seminar started with a morning
training, after which, we started building kamp2.jpgshelters that would serve to
increase the chance of survival in a natural environment. After this,
each of the attendees got a meal consisted of three river oysters and
one river lobster. For desert, each of the attendees got three plums.
That was the whole food for Saturday.
After the meal, we practiced
techniques of defending against a weapon with a weapon (Buki Mamori
Buki), and afterward, we continued shooting with bow and arrows.
Besides teaching the technical aspect, during the entire day, the
instructor Igor Dovezenski transferred his knowledge to the attendees
through verbal teaching (Kuden) too. It was discussed about the
importance and part of mental aspect in nature survival situations, as
well as the history of ninjutsu and its significance in medieval Japan
(and later).

About 17.30, three of the attendees quit from the
further survival training. Warmth, thirst and tiredness did their part.
We wish them success next year.

kamp1.jpgThe training continued until
late that night. In absence of moonlight and complete darkness, we
trained techniques of meditation and awakening of the danger sense
(Haragei). The evening was completed by splitting the guard duties
among the attendees. Two watch hours for each. Two hours to think in
nature and complete darkness, with thousands of stars above your head.
Two hours to ask ourselves who we ate, what we are and why we are. An
invaluable experience which is repeated every year.

After we got some
sleep (three hours of sleep on paper), the day started with training
the eight ways of cutting with a sword (Happo Giri Kenjutsu).

came the grand moment. Meditation on sunrise. The feeling of each
sunbeam giving birth to the new day. Entering straight under your skin,
renewing the lost energy.

An so on, the entire day. Training,
training, training. Competition in throwing shurikens. Archery
competition. And the traditional idleness, one hour before the official
end of the seminar.

As always, it proves that regular training
attendance and experience (time) spent in our dojo allow for the most
chances of success. Training gives, training takes, training makes ill,
training heals.
It showed that the predictions of sensei Dovezenski
were correct. The veterans finished the seminar with no signs of
tiredness kamp3.jpg or fatigue. Ten minutes before the end, they drank up the
last 200 mililiters of water, while some of the attendees even used it
to wash their feet. The surprise of this seminar was d-r. Petar
Davitkov, a beginner himself (9th kyu), who kept cheering the rest of
the rookies to endure and move on. His regular presence on our training
sessions proved as a great recipe for mental and physical readiness
(one missed training session in six months).

In the end, we will
show you a part of the original letter which was sent to us today by
our student Carl Campeau from Canada (who successfully finished the

Thank you very much for this survival
training. I learned a lot about myself during this weekend. Beside some
physical weaknesses, the most important are the mind ones. Moreover, no
amount of physical training in a dojo or an urban gym is a guarantee of
success in nature. It may give you an extra  chance but it is not a
I became aware of some of my mental weaknesses during
this weekend. I was not very talkative in order to save my energy. It
is usually my strategy
even in normal life when I am tired. While it has its advantages to keep
silent, it has also its disadvantages. You dont get a boost for the spirit.
And moreover, you cant be leading. I have noticed how you kept
people motivated by your own good spirit. That is a good example for me.
And that is where I will try to improve in the future.