Seminar in nature: Survival

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prezivuvanje.jpgYou think you are strong enough? You want to try
how skillful you (we) are? You have a perfect opinion for yourself?
We have a wonderful test for you. Only for the
strongest, bravest and the most enduring…
Bujinkan Macedonia and Taiyou e no Michi
(hombu dojo) introduce to you the traditional summer ninja seminar:

 Survival in nature

Two days in nature without bringing any food, water,
clothes or hygienic means. Two days of training, meditation and a mere

Place: Smkneno (26 km to the nearest city or hospital /
desert conditions)

Time: 25 and 26 July, 2009

Price: 1000 mkd (for the two days)

Departure: Saturday at 07.30 a.m.

Coming back: only God knows

Allowed equipment: a sleeping bag, military
uniform (pants and a shirt), one T-shirt, a hat, one pair of underwear
(comfortable), one pair of socks, a rope, knife, water can and training weapons
you can and you want to bring.

Important: it is forbidden to bring food, water and
other stuff not mentioned above. Before departure, a regular check will take

The most important: the seminar is only for strong
boys and girls. The training conditions will be extremely hard, with an iron
discipline. Those who do not feel psycho-physically healthy and ready for hell,
and who are not ready to kill their own ego, please do not sign up for the
seminar. Allowed amount of drinking water is 1.5 l. Have in
mind that the temperature may rise up to 45C. It is forbidden to sit down
during the seminar (during the two days). Only 3 hours of sleep, the rest is

New: In order to have even “more
fun”, from this year the commanding structure will change. Participants will be
divided in two groupsi.e. will be
given Nuznik.jpgrank chunin and genin (which will apply only for the Survival seminar).
The rank chunin will be given to the students who have participated at 3
Survival seminars, and are, in a way, veterans. They will be allowed to drink
more water and eat more food, but only if they provide it from the nature. At
the same time chunin-s will take care of the genin-s training, who are in fact
beginners and have participated at less than 3 Survival seminars.

Signing up and payment until 23rd July at
the club’s secretary.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate
to contact us through our e-mail.

Please, abstain from crying at the seminar.