Ninja Summer Camp – the countdown has started !!!

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Union Bujinkan Macedonia, as
one of the most active martial arts clubs in the Balkans, is the first which
has built a Ninjutsu Training Centre in the region of Southeast
Europe. The Centre is out in nature, is a camp-type facility and
is built on a Bujinkan Macedonia’s private property.

camp is envisaged to serve as a training centre of the Bujinkan
members for their training in August (the only month when the schools
on the Union don’t work). The training in the camp will differ
from the one in the dojo-s since it will enable practicing taijutsu
(with a body) and buki waza (with weapon) – techniques which are
inadequate for
practicing in the closed space (such as practice with an arrow and a

the same time, the camp will serve as a centre for regular training, additional
training, or a centre for conditional training for people practicing martial
arts who can make use of ninjutsu in development of their skills and improve
personal results. The doors of the camp are, as well, open to those who would
like to lower their weight or to strengthen their muscles in a natural way,
through exercise and healthy diet. The centre will also serve as a place for
recreation and relaxation of the mind and the body through various kinds of
meditation and exercises.

Summer Camp, taking place between 04th and 12th of
August, is open for non-members of Bujinkan Macedonia but are willing to get
familiar with us and our martial art. For those participants training sessions
are not obligatory and they organize activities for themselves (or in
cooperation with us), i.e. enjoy the benefits of the clean air, organic food,
river beaches, same as usual summer holidays.

on, our training centre is a place that abounds with conditions for self-improvement
through different psychical and mental exercises in an exciting way.

It is envisaged that this Ninja Camp
slowly becomes Hombu Dojo of Ninjutsu Union Bujinkan Macedonia, by
building a facility which will encompass all conditions and characteristics of
a real Japanese dojo.

In a few days we will provide a new
web location dedicated specifically for the Ninja Summer Camp.