Seminar in nature – Sui Ren (training in water)

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sui_ren.jpgOn the 12th of July 2009, Bujinkan Macedonia is organizing the traditional outdoors seminar Sui Ren (training in water).
will be another great possibility for all members to learn more about
this skill which is one of the 18 basic martial arts (Ninja Juhakkei),
that every ninja had to master during his training.

Sui Ren/ ways of crossing through water, silent entrance in water,
water as a weapon, tools for breathing under water, invisibility in
water, survival through securing food and drinking water etc.

Day: 12th of July 2009 (Sunday)

Place: Glushchevo Gjerme on Kriva Reka (River Kriva)

Schedule: 08:30 hours – leaving from Skopje
                09:30 hours – arriving
                10:00 – 16:00 hours – theoretical and practical part
                16:30 – going back

Price: 1000 denars (the price includes: seminar fee and transportation)
The seminar will be held no matter the weather conditions.