Bujinkan Macedonia on seminar with Edward Martin in Montenegro

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7b5bd2ff-4fd9-47bf-a564-d33672d441ce.jpgUpon the invitation of the Bujinkan Montenegro, the Bujinkan Macedonia took part at the first Budo Taijutsu Tai Kai  seminar
in this friendly country. At the seminar which was held in Budva and
perfectly organized, around 60 people from several countries
the two days of the seminar, Shihan Edward Martin (Papa San) has taught
the techniques such as defense from a knife, but the bare hand fight
(taijutsu) as well. The Hungarian Shihan, our very close friend David
Holt, has also helped.
always, among the technical part of the seminar, the teacher Edward
Martin involved the teaching on the mental aspects of the fight
(through kuden), accompanying it with the various examples from his
very rich experience as budoka.
It was nice to see our old friends from the clubs with which Bujinkan Macedonia have long-lasting good relations. 
the breaks between sessions, our 7-member team was visiting this
tourist centre’s city beach and used the boon of the sea, while the
evenings were reserved for the party in the historic town.
the closure ceremony, the seminar organizer Predrag Lazarevic gave the
Bujinkan Macedonia representative Igor Dovezenski, a special
recognition for the Development of Bujinkan in Montenegro.
We wish all our friends to continue to organize such as wonderful seminars as this one was.