Seminar with the shihan Sveneric Bogsater held in Macedonia

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40 participants from four Balkan countries took part at the seminar
with the great ninjutsu master Sveneric Bogsater that was held in the
capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Most of them were members of the Bujinkan Union of Macedonia (Bujinkan Dojo Macedonia), while the others came from Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.
It is hard to describe the feeling to be a host to Sveneric. It is even harder to describe the joy of practice with him.
great master begun the first day of the seminar with the explanation of
the Jissen Giho theme, and the movement on the line between life and
death. Then, something that never happened on a seminar before, took
place. Through variations of techniques, the sensei explained to the
participants about the body vital points (Kyu Sho), starting from the
head to the toes, and the impact to one’s body if they are kicked,
pressed or rubbed. Although the techniques were painful, no one could
hide the excitement from this kind of development of the seminar.
shihan dedicated the second part of the first day of seminar to the
white belts and taught Sanshin no Kata in the very unique way that made
black belts feel like beginners.
Second day was dedicated to the Hiden no Kempo theme,
or the way of movement in the fight as well as hidden movements along.
Knife, boken and hanbo techniques were practiced. Also, the shihan
Bogsater demonstrated the usage of the internal energy through
techniques, which was breathtaking for the newer practitioners.
the end of the seminar the shihan expressed his satisfaction from the
positive energy and the diligence of the participants, and especially
praised our girls for their movement and the understanding of this
martial art.
As a Bujinkan Dojo Macedonia
representative, an organizer of the seminar and as a main ninjutsu
instructor in our union, I would like to express my personal
impressions. First of all, I would like to thank all my students who
helped me in the organization of this remarkable event. Gratefulness to
our friends from the neighborhood as well, with whom we shared our
common values and desires for three days.
And finally, a great appreciation to the master Sveneric Bogsater for all (life) lessons he taught me to while enjoying Skopje streets, restaurants and cafés. That is a truly priceless experience for me.