Buki Mamori Buki seminar (Defense from weapon with weapon)

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The Ninjutsu Union Bujinkan Macedonia will organize an open air seminar on february the 15th (Sunday) on subject Buki Mamori Buki (Defense from weapon with weapon).

seminar will include techniques on defense from various japanese
classic weapons which were part of the japanese ninja and samurai
arsenal. The participants should bring boken, hanbo, jo, kusari gama,
jute, shuriken, manriki kusari (chain with weights), tanto and rope
(everything from their personal arsenal).

Metal and sharp weapons are not allowed on the seminar.
Subject: Buki Mamori Buki
Date: February the 15th 2009
Place: Orljak


            08.00 hours – leaving from Skopje

            09.00 hours – arrival

            10.00 – 16.00 hours – theoretical and practical part

            17.00 hours – coming back

Price: 1000 denars – the price includes: seminar fee and transportation
The seminar will be held no matter the weather conditions.