Seminar with master Kacem Zoughari in Novi Sad

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f363d8f5-27a2-459c-bede-ec50ab2a6b1c.jpgThe founder and chief instructor of Ninjutsu Union Bujinkan Macedonia, Igor Dovezenski, participate in international ninjutsu seminar during this weekend, 31.01.– 01.02. 2009 year, in Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

seminar was organized by our buyus Srgjan Stankovic and Srgjan
Crnogorac, and there were almost a 100 participants, so we can say that
it was one of the largest ninjutsu seminars in Balkan region.

The participants were from Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Romania and Macedonia.
Zoughari, doctor of japanise history and culture, was the leader of the
seminar. He is personal student of shihan Tetsuji Ishizuka.

teaching of Kacem extorted sighs during these two days. His performance
of the technique was blameless, and his work with katana was amazingly
fast and effective. He explained the meaning of the techniques, and
their history.

Ryu Koshijutsu was the school that we trained. At first, each technique
was performed with bare hands (taijutsu), and after that with hanbo
(stick) and katana (sword).

night, all black belts were invated to join the party at the
Petrovaradin fortress. Master Kacem nicely gave answers to all
questions about the history of ninjutsu and the ryu ha of Bujinkan.

Igor Dovezenski was sparing with buyu from Romania, Cristian Laiber, and with old friend of Bujinkan Macedonia – shihan Filip Bartos from Czech Republic. It was great feeling to see all buyu’s gathered at one place.

Simply, we can say that the seminar was unforgettable and the hosts made great organization.

More information on the ground floor in our dojo 🙂