Life in the Wilderness III

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the two seminars held on the topic “Life in the Wild”, during which members of
Bujinkan Macedonia studied the techniques of organized living in a community in
the wild, it’s time for the third.

the first two events the instructor Dovezenski taught his students how they can
live a long period in a group if they take shelter on a mountain below 1000
meters,  as well as organized living by a
During “Life in the Wilderness III” members of Bujinkan Macedonia will have the
opportunity to learn the techniques of group survival in a forest.      

was announced during the first seminar, the warriors from the dojo will face
each year a different terrain meaning different geographical survival

seminar will be held under the guise of a natural catastrophe or some other
event that necessitates a retreat to an inaccessible location and organization
of everyday life for an extended time period by a certain group of people. By
mastering these new skills, members of the dojo will be capable of taking care
of their family and providing it with the basic needs for life in the wild in
case of an emergency.       

year before last we started to write a new chapter of history, and this year we
continue with the third part. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the
techniques of living in nature which in case of a natural disaster or some
other catastrophe will be more than required .  

the seminar may take part all members of the dojo Bujinkan Macedonia/
Taiyou e no Michi regardless of their title or experience.

Required equipment: everything
that can be used to survive in nature and will fit in your backpack.

Day: 23/23 July (2016)

Location: Mlaka – in the valley
below Lipac


Saturday:  07.00 – starting from Skopje

Sunday:    18.00 – coming back

Registration and information
through inbox, telephone or through the Forum.

p.s. Staying in nature brings
certain dangers. All participants come at their own risk. Do all necessary
medical checks before registering to participate.