Seminar „Ninpo Ne Waza® – Ju Yoku Go O Seisu“ held

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Beginners, advanced members, and professional fighters too – they all helped each other and collaborated during today’s Ninpo Ne Waza seminar. The atmosphere was incredible, while the demanding training increased the precipitation in the room that much, that water was dripping slowly from the windows.

Instructor Dovezenski this time went deeply into the details, so all the participants had the opportunity to fully comprehend the techniques for combat on the ground. Attacks and defenses were taught from the most different positions, such as uma nori, kesa gatame, kocho tai, as well as grips during rolls, jumps, using the hands, the legs, even the head.
Ninpo Ne Waza always attracts great attention, so we agreed in the near future to organize another seminar that will teach the techniques for combat on the ground.