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is an old martial art that has until today remained covered with
mystery, therefore it is so little known even for the Japanese people.
The first written sources originate from year 520 AD. In medieval Japan,
in the times when it was divided among several commanders, often there
was a clash between their armies lead by the samurai warriors. For the
samurai it was a great honor to die in the battlefield because their
code said so. On the other hand, the code of the bushi (warriors) do
not apply for the ninja. They used to use special, unconventional way
of fight. For them, the only thing that mattered was how to fulfill the
task, to protect ones own family and to survive. That was their code.
would be most appropriate if we say that ninjutsu is a skill (martial
art) for survival and self-defense. But, we mustn’t think that ninjutsu
is applicable only in the times of war. On the contrary, its philosophy
is universal and functions regardless of the time and space.
teach us how to understand the Universe and how to establish a harmony
with the nature. It helps us to develop our mental and physical
potentials, to develop our own creativity, to enhance our
individuality, to increase the self-esteem and goodness, to deepen our
life and to learn to enjoy it more. In one word, to become tatsujin
(perfect person who is able to succeed in any segment of the life).
without honest and clean heart, without open and positive spirit, who
cannot recognize their mistakes, to regret for them, as well as those
who cannot deal with their ego, are unlikely to remain in this martial
art. Those people often take the wrong way.
in ninjutsu is cruel, but at the same time it is honest with us the
same way our life is. Through training we learn how to accept punches
of the rival at the same way we get punches from our destiny. But, we
learn how to attack back. This martial art teach us to accept pain and
suffering as a part of life and reality, not to bend over obstacles,
but on the contrary, every new problem to make us tougher. Every
trouble in our lives is for the reason. Solving and accepting the
troubles make us stronger and better. Only the weak give up and fall in
a self pity. 
Practicing nijutsu is an honor. Through training we understand the joy of life and the true values.
from the other popular Japanese martial arts, such as aikido, judo or
karate, that have become recreational or sport disciplines aiming to
achieve sport results or to recreate, ninjutsu helps us to survive in
the daily situations. The goal of this martial art is to teach us how
to defend our life with the least consequences for our body and spirit,
and with the large scale consequences for the enemy.
ninjutsu make us physically stronger, more prepared and more skillful.
At the same time, we develop sincerity, honesty, empathy and dignity.
But we have to admit it cannot be achieved easy and over a night. The
way that lead us to the goal is hard and thorny. Still, those who
succeed to go through it get the feeling of inner peace, self esteem,
perfect control over one’s body, positive attitude and joy towards
life. The biggest benefit is the strength that wouldn’t allow us to
fall during the hard times that are expecting us in future.
people think that these days a complex martial art such as ninjutsu is
unnecessary. But they all forget that nobody can predict the future. As
the great Chinese sage Tsun Tsu said
“In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace”. We cannot predict
if we sometimes should defend the lives of our children, our closest,
or ourselves. We may find in a situation where the skill and the
endurance will mean survival.
training in our dojo (training hall) is real. Every drop of sweat and
every bruise we get prepares us for the unpredictable situations we
will face in future.
is well more than receiving punches and strikes back. This primeval
martial art has an attitude towards life, it has a life-worth value.
Therefore no other martial art is similar to it. In ninjutsu there is
no competition between practitioners, nor a fights for points. Instead,
practitioners help each other and cooperate in a friendly atmosphere.
Ninjutsu has no a secret goal. It has a way how to get to know yourself
and to increase your abilities and potentials to the unbelievable
Ninjutsu is simply – a way of life.