A sucessfull Path of Shugenja ® seminar

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26092011104917shu7.jpgAll of the eleven attendants that were announced to this year`s `Path of Shugenja` seminar succeeded in finishing the 50 kilometer route in twelve and a half hours.

This event began at 08.00 in the morning, when the members of Bujinkan Macedonia headed towards their goal – the location `Kamena Svadba` in the Kuklica village.
As every year, we visited every sacred place on the way, each of them radiating with their energy around, creating a positive effect on us.
Around 15.00, we arrived at our goal, followed by a half-hour rest and continuing back towards our starting point.
Around 20.30 hours, we returned beneath Lipac, from where we started.
During the day, we passed through the villages Beljakovce, Konyuh, Shopsko Rudare, Vak`v, Kuklica and Dimonce, by which we made a big circle around out intended route.
The biggest impression on us made the village Kuklica, which is indeed big with so many sections that are rich in various beautiful landscapes. Some of it`s parts are so mysterious and hidden from civilization, that we were literally able to see places that have been left untouched by human hand for years.
The attendants showed real strength of spirit, even though they were intentionally provoked and tested by the leader of Bujinkan Macedonia, shidoshi Igor Dovezenski.

Once again, it was proven that the Path of Shugenja seminar is one of the hardest, but at the same time most attractive seminars in organization of our dojo.