Successfully held Yumi Ya seminar

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09052010121631lak756.jpgBeneath the blue skies, under the golden-yellow sun, on the hill above S`mkneno, the attendants of the Yumi Ya (bow and arrows) seminar, today studied and perfected their skills.

As always, instructor Igor Dovezenski began with the history and philosophy of this weapon, followed by the secrets of creating a good bow and arrows.

After this, it was moved on to shooting upon a target from different body postures (kamae) from
09052010121611lak356.jpgtwo different schools (ryu-ha), until the fingers became sore from stretchong the string of the bow. 

After the basics were well learned, instructor Dovezenski showed two techniques for shooting on the run (side and frontal), as well as group shooting techniques.

As always is the case with these seminars, new segments of ninjutsu are shown and learned constantly – how to live in harmony with nature, while we get to better know the timeless beauty of our country.