Kenjutsu seminar on Elenac Hills

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a268ba95-b081-49a0-b29d-ec91d95007a3.jpgThe Ninjutsu Union Bujinkan Macedonia will organize an open air seminar on april the 26th (Sunday) on subject Kenjutsu Kihon.
seminar will include techniques like: Kamae no Gata, Happo Giri and
Shinken Gata. The participants should bring boken with him.
Metal and sharp weapons are not allowed on the seminar.

Subject: Kenjutsu
Date: April the 26th 2009
Place: Elenac Hills


            08.00 hours – leaving from Skopje

            09.00 hours – arrival

            10.00 – 16.00 hours – theoretical and practical part

            17.30 hours – coming back

Price: 1000 denars – the price includes: seminar fee and transportation
The seminar will be held no matter the weather conditions.