Goton Po seminar held

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could say that this Goton Po was a continuation of the last years. The
training begun on the place called Elenacki Karpi, where the students
of Bujinkan Macedonia
were learning how to climb and get down from rocks without any
protection gear, actually, only with the help of a rope and sword
(boken). After that, techniques for climbing with the use of two knifes
and with the help of a partner were studied.
with the help of instructor Igor Dovezenski, the older students taught
the younger ones how to make a trap, and the best part of the seminar
was the arranged action for surprising the “enemy chasers”.
After that there was explanation and making of the so called Fire Ball, which will be studied further on another seminar.
from these skills, the students were introduced to healing plants and
the use of their surroundings in case of survival in nature. The
seminar was successful besides the hot and moist weather, which tried
to influence the physical and psychical abilities of the students.