Goton Po Outdoor Seminar

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641c450a-7ff5-4dce-92fb-6682cb93b2f6.jpgThe traditional outdoor seminar on subject: Goton Po (usage of the five elements), will be held on the 7th of June 2009.
Po is an integral part of the legendary skill of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu,
Inton Jutsu, actually a skill of hiding, avoiding and camouflaging. The
participants of the seminar will have the possibility to learn how to
use the natural elements: earth, water, wood, fire and metal, in order
to be able to hide, camouflage and avoid the threatening danger.
Day: 7th of June (2009)
Place: Mlaka and Elenacki Karpi

                08:00 hours – leaving from Skopje

                09:00 hours – arriving

               10:00-16:00 hours – theoretical and practical part

              16:30 – going back

Price: 1000 denars (the price includes: seminar fee and transportation)
This time it will be a small group. Registering till friday.